Whisky River – Wednesday Night Trivia

A promotional poster for Whisky River Trivia. Want to enjoy some trivia action with your Charlotte uptown nightlife? Join Whisky River every Wednesday night for trivia from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Whisky River Trivia Poster

Whisky River – Wednesday Night Trivia

Google defines trivia as, “details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value.” While that is true, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun either. Whisky River of Charlotte is hosting trivia night every Wednesday for those looking to have some fun. It tests your knowledge and, as a result, gives you something to do on Wednesday nights. The event is sponsored by Old Skool Entertainment.

For the poster design, the goal was sticking to something simple. The design uses similar techniques as previous posters for Old Skool Entertainment. The image for Trivia is the same one that is for the Eleven Lakes Brewing company, with the addition of the image frame. However, the image’s perspective allows for a slight alteration of the original look.

The background uses a photo of the Whisky River restaurant. In addition, for something different, a wood texture and a black layer are in the image above the photo. As a result, the background does not show too much to the foreground in terms of standing out.

Above the image is the text for the event and the time. The text uses Tw Cent MT font and is apparent for the business information to the left and for the sponsor information as well. The Whisky River Charlotte logo is placed above the business information.

The text for Whisky River Trivia uses a faded orange coloration with a drop shadow and a gradient to make it stand out more. The text is also the only text all in capital letters and is above a solid line as a line break. The line break separates the time from the title.