We Think Nu – Nu World Inc.

We Think Nu is an affiliation with Nu World Inc. The slogan is “Welcome To NU WORLD INC. We Invite You To THINK NU,” with PNX Works designing the website.

NuWorld Inc Screenshot

We Think Nu Website Design

Thinking Nu will take us beyond the cycles that continue to hold our communities stagnant. Thinking Nu will get us moving again. We need to learn how to Think Nu. As a result, this is the philosophy of Nu World Inc, where We Think Nu is the hub of such ideals.

Nu World Inc. is all about equal opportunity that allows us to move forward. Why should someone who is less fortunate than someone else not be allowed the same opportunities in making their lives better? Life should be affordable for all, but this requires a new way of thinking. We need to abolish the thought that people don’t have the same opportunities – an underground though process that would lead to an incorporated mindset. With such an extensive background story, the ideal needed to be capitalized on. Therefore, a website design led by founder Christopher McKinney was created.


The WordPress layout uses the SpicePress PRO theme to showcase the business side of website design. In addition, it provides a main header image with a built-in video embed for flair. The theme of We Think Nu is creating a philosophy designed for communities to think outside of the box.

For the Home page, it displays the largest amount of website functionality. The main header is of a background image of the planet Earth juxtaposed with space. In the foreground, a YouTube video of a sunrise over Earth adds to the imagery of new thinking. In addition, below the header is a 3×2 grid of services that Nu World Inc offers customers. These include entrepreneurship, business growth, investing, auto services,  company branding, and real estate. Continuing below is a portfolio of services and events, as well as an image gallery and testimonials for GoPro Mechanics.

Nu World Services

While not a clickable link, Nu World Services provides the list of affiliations. The first is Asabi Media, which is an advertising and printing agency in Charlotte, NC. Next is GoPro Mechanics, which provides mobile auto repair services to a customer’s home or office. NuLife Private Investment Club specializes in investing in foreign currency exchange, real estate, and use an apartment complex and auto pool for dealers. Nu Life Real Estate/Credit Repair assists in repairing credit and supplying lenders for real estate investment. Additionally, Nu World Inc. Non-Profit focuses on the well-being of people through education, health, entrepreneurship, and more. Lastly, The W.e.b.b. Association promotes entrepreneurship to help stimulate growth and serve as a resource for black-owned businesses.


The Gallery page displays images taken with the associations of Nu World Inc. These associates include GoPro Mechanics, Asabi Media, The W.e.b.b. Association, and more. The layout is of a 3×4 grid, displaying various images of affiliations. In addition, the sidebar is permanently on the right side of the page as well for navigational ease. When a user clicks on an image, a lightbox of the image shows in the middle of the page to view. Additionally, to focus on the image, the background is darker for user view.

About Us

For the About Us page, this displays the background of the growth of the company, as well as who the owner is. An image of the owner with standing in a field in casual clothing is the main image. The page includes the beginnings of Nu World Inc as Nu World Underground, a music company. In addition, it also details how GoPro Mechanics was the catalyst for how We Think Nu was born. At the bottom of the page is the affiliates and their services. As a result, this allows for ease of access to the affiliates.


The Contact page features a contact form that a customer can fill out for requesting services. The feature image above the contact form is the logo for NuWorld Underground, the original enterprise for Nu World Inc. On the right side of the page is a list of contact types. Therefore, the customer can call the owner, send an email, and have the business hours at their convenience.


Above the footer is a contact snippet. This snippet creates an easier find for customers. As a result, the snippet provides a link for immediate services with the company email, phone number, and a link to the Contact page.

The footer of the web page uses three columns. The left column is a summary of the company with the logo at the top. The middle of the footer is the list of affiliation pages for customer ease. The right of the footer is the contact information to reach the owner. Thinking Nu will take us beyond the cycles that continue to hold our communities stagnant. Thinking Nu will get us moving again. Therefore, thinking nu is what Christopher McKinney is providing for those who want to collectively think outside of the box.