SoHeye Productions, LLC

SoHeye Productions, LLC is  a drone video and photography company based in Charlotte, NC. Their slogan is “Candy For Your Eyes” and the entire website  was designed by PNX Works.

SoHeye Website

SoHeye Productions Website Design

In today’s digital age, the abundance of videos and photography dominate people’s lives. Resolution goes beyond 4K Ultra HD. Videos are recorded with almost no limitation on what and where a camera can reach. And newer technology only streamlines this process even further. For those who wonder how crystal clear nearly impossible images are produced today, it is with the help with drones. Obray Cowan takes full advantage of drone technology to see what our eyes cannot. SoHeye Productions uses drone videography to capture those breathtaking shots and with this website, those images are showcased for the world to see.


The WordPress layout uses the Customizr Pro theme to showcase photography portfolios using masonry layouts. In addition, it showcases a large header image that allows for scrolling images. The theme of SoHeye Productions is allowing viewers to view the videos and images of the seemingly impossible.

For the Home page, simplicity is key. The scrolling header takes half of the screen to show some of the more prominent images. In the middle of the header is the website logo and below is the navigation bar. However, when a user scrolls down, the navigation bar locks to the top of the screen. This shifts the link placement to the right while shrinking the logo on the left. The main area of the page displays, in masonry layout, the videos and images in a 3×3 expandable grid. Each selection has a caption of what the item is and is surrounded by a black background for more emphasis on the center.


On the Photography page, the layout is essentially the same as the Home page. However, on this page, the navigation bar is permanently placed at the top of the page. There is also a sidebar that displays information on the videographer and social media links. Below that are recent posts, monthly archives, and tags for easier navigation. Because of the masonry layout, the 3×3 layout is the same, with some images more prominent than others. The user can expand out to see more images in this section. Whenever a user selects an image, the user goes to a separate page with that image larger.


The Videos page works in the same function as the Photography page. The layout is the same, but features clickable videos. The sidebar is permanently on the right side of the page as well for navigational ease. When a user clicks on the video, a lightbox of the video shows in the middle of the page to play. When the user clicks on the link to go to a separate page, the video is larger, but still shows the lightbox feature.

About Us

For the About Us page, this displays a summary of the company and the ambitions of the owner. An image of the owner with his drone case in a serene shot is the prominent image. For what the company is, the pilot, and the mission, a paragraph of information details each section. The right sidebar is also present for navigation.


Similar to the About Us page, the Frequent Asked Questions page uses the same layout for questions. However, on this page, an aerial shot of downtown Charlotte, NC is the main image. For the sections of questions, they have answers with one to a couple of sentences to keep simplicity. There are eight simple question-and-answers for the user to understand how to book a session. As with the other links, the sidebar is still available.


For the Contact page, the logo in simple coloration is the main image. Below the image is the contact links for users to reach out to the owner. This includes the email address, social media links, and phone number. In the center section is a list of services that the company can provide for a session. The bottom section is a contact page for a user to reach out to the owner directly. In addition, the right sidebar is present as well.

The footer of the webpage uses three columns. Because of this, this allows the footer information to flow cleaner. The left column is a summary of the company with the logo present. The middle of the footer is a video of the owner showcasing the drone’s aerial capabilities and footage. The right of the footer is an archive of the website in months, with social media links below. Drone videography is a modern-day video and image capturing method for those looking for things a normal camera cannot. Therefore, candy for your eyes is what Obray Cowan is providing for the hungry video and image connoisseur in all of us.