New Emmanuel Congregational

New Emmanuel Congregational United Church of Christ is a church based in Charlotte, NC. Their mission is to guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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New Emmanuel Congregational Website Design

Although surviving in this world is difficult for many, having faith helps make the journey that much easier. This is where New Emmanuel Congregational United Church of Christ comes into play. Their faith in the word of God is what has strengthened the church to survive and thrive for over 100 years. The church may be older, but the faith in God’s Word continues to grow stronger each day. To keep up with the ever-changing digital age, a website accompanies what NECUCC strives to provide for those who believe. In addition, it allows for communities to join together in congregation for growth.


The WordPress layout uses the Risen Child Theme to show a simple responsive church theme for the website. The background for the website is of a sunrise through a cloudy blue sky to represent a blessed new day. The layouts separates the page through a main logo header, navigation bars, header images, and sectionals below. The theme of NECUCC’s website is to display information regarding the church, its events, donating, and multimedia activity. The home page has an accompanying image slider showcasing many photos from the church. Below that is the church’s mantra for what the church is all about.  Because of the theme layout, sub-images compliment the lively home page. Sections for Upcoming Events, the church location, donations, and the staff (with images) are below.

Who We Are

On the page for Who We Are, it details what the church is about and their mission going forward. There are three paragraphs that explain why New Emmanuel exists in what they do. The first is about the faith in the Christian religion and how it shapes and forms belief. The second section explains that it does not matter what is happening or who you are because the church’s doors are always open. The third section allows insight on not giving up on God’s path that has been laid out for us. Each paragraph ends with the same sentence — “Because God is still speaking.”


This is a donations page for the church that uses the Give plugin. This allows people to be able to delegate money to their specific causes in the church for growth. Users can donate at a set or custom price and when the Donate Now button is pressed, it displays a form. The form uses credit, check, and PayPal options for donations, with the credit option using the Stripe add-on. Once a person fills out the form and accompanying information, they receive a confirmation email and transaction history.


The Events page is a blog that details the current and past events for the church. This is in a simple blog layout that displays the event date, the time period, comments, details, and more. The section displays five events on the front end so it is not cluttered. If the user clicks on Event Details, it takes them to a separate page with the entire event information detailed out with a complimentary image.


The Gallery section uses the built-in gallery feature in the WordPress theme back end. This displays all of the images uploaded for this section in a three-column layout. The user can click on the images to go to a separate page that enlarges it for view.


As with the Gallery, the Videos page also uses the gallery feature. However, the videos that are either uploaded or use YouTube or Vimeo links display instead. Therefore, this sections the gallery separately from images and videos. When the user clicks on a video, it enlarges the video for the user to view.


The Contact page allows the user to fill out a contact form to directly message the church for inquiry. The user would need to fill out their name, email, subject matter, and their message in order to successfully send it off. To avoid potential spam, the customer must allow click a checkbox verifying their human identity, Below is the location information of the church and the times for service, Bible study, and Loaves and Fishes.

At the bottom of the page displays the navigation links, as well as the church location in the footer. Below that are the social media links and the copyright information for the church. NECUCC has stood for over 100 years with their faith in the Christian Word of God and looks to continue that faith for years to come.