Carolina New Home Credit

Carolina New Home Credit is a real estate agency based in Charlotte, NC. They recognize value in searching for a new home and feel that home buyers should be rewarded.

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Carolina New Home Credit Website Design

The older that you get, the more you are willing to settle down in the house of your dreams. In order to find that dream house, you will need a dose of realty. That is where the real estate business comes into play. Real estate agents are the liaison between you and your new home. Two agents, Paul Sagadin and Shad Rafferty, are changing the real estate game to make sure that the home is affordable and the customer is rewarded with Carolina New Home Credit. Therefore, their website design simplifies the buying process and allows them to discover your new home and award your efforts.


The WordPress layout uses the Ascension theme to create a flowing single webpage of information. The theme of the website is saving money on a 1.5% rebate on a new home. With the theme comes the color scheme of forest green, black, and white. The forest green allows for a peaceful, leisurely appeal while the black and white work as contrasts.  The header image is of a neighborhood to compliment the theme. The navigation bar above shows the CHNC logo and navigation links that drag the page down to its respective page area. At the bottom right corner is a black arrow that a user can click on to scroll to the top of the page.

How It Works and Register

When a customer clicks on a navigation link above, the page will automatically scroll down to its respective area. The seven links are in the order present, separating the pages by sections. The first link, past the introductory section, is the main section of the webpage that the reader should focus on. It details how the process of CHNC works and a 123 Contact form is beside it for the customer to fill out their desires to send to the agents. If a customer clicks on either the How It Works or Register link above, it will take them to the same section below.


The Frequent Asked Questions section details any and all necessary questions pertaining to the New Home Credit Program. This uses an accordion-style layout to condense the questions, in order to conserve white space. There are eight questions in each accordion section that the customer can click on to reveal the answer. If the customer would like to close the accordion, they would need to click it again. Only one accordion section is open per click.


Below the inserted section for customer to click on Register For Credit to go to the Register section is the Locations section. This is a bullet point list of all cities that Paul and Shad cover with CHNC, sorted by the major cities adjacent to their location. There are over one hundred areas in the North and South Carolina area that are managed by them, so location is less of a factor to deal with.


As with the Locations of each area the agents cover, there is also a list of Home Builders. This section lists, also in bullet points, the home builders that are available for construction on the given location for the customer. Likewise, with this, these are separate via the major cities in North and South Carolina. This provides plenty of builder options for the customer to chose from.

Contact Us

Lastly, after the second Register section above, is the Contact Us section.. This is a section that has the contact information of the agents, including phone, address, email, and social media links. Below that is a contact form that emails the agents directly. In addition, to avoid spam, there is a simple user input answer box that the customer has to answer.

At the bottom of the page contains the copyright information in the footer. The background of the webpage is of a fully furnished home that Paul and Shad can make come true for a willing customer. While these two know the tricks of the trade in the real estate game, they are looking to provide the best possible home available for their customers. The New Home Credit Program provides all of that and rewards those who sign up.