Watermark Logo – Diamond Class Photography

A watermark logo redesign for Diamond Class Photography. It includes a simplified version of a camera, a letter ‘C’ diamond, and a ‘D’ and ‘P’ designed as a camera lens.

Diamond Class Photography Logo

Watermark Logo – Diamond Class Photography

Photographer Keyanna Wiggins was looking for a simple watermark logo design for her company, Diamond Class Agency. However, the watermark reflects her as a personal logo. Therefore, the logo is for Diamond Class Photography, specifically for her photography.

The logo is similar to other photographer logos in that it uses a central idea: a camera. In order to make the design stand out, however, the letters ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘P’ are in a way that is unique with the camera. Additionally, a diamond is also in the logo.

The design is a rough paper sketch of using a camera lens as the focal point. The ‘C’ is in the shape of a diamond, which was the first step in making the watermark. Removing a corner of the diamond allows the ‘C’ shape to stand out. The lens is the next step and, using magnifying glasses as a example. A circle with a thick line is split down the middle, revealing a lowercase ‘D’ and ‘P’. This results in ‘D’ ‘C’ ‘P’, or Diamond Class Photography for short.

To incorporate the camera frame, but still keep the lens as the focal point, the rough outline of a camera is placed around it. Space is between the ‘D’ and ‘P’ to allow them to stand out beyond the camera. A square at the top right is the lens focus while half of the same square is the button above.

To complete the image, Keyanna’s name and company are below the image. The font for her name is similar to that of Disney, while the font below is thin Arial all uppercase.