Tuesday Musical Squares – Tilt on Trade

A promotional poster for a musical (not) bingo game for all participants available, and a DJ Show afterward. Join Tilt on Trade for Musical Squares every Tuesday from 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM.

Tilt on Trade Poster

Tuesday Musical Squares – Tilt on Trade

Tilt on Trade has a game that is kind of like bingo, but for reasons they only know, is not. It is Musical Squares and, with their word on it, is better than bingo.  Old Skool Entertainment presents this event every Tuesday from 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM.

The poster for this event is similar to the Monday Music Trivia – Hattie’s Tap and Tavern poster. Both posters use the same photo frame effect, the same central image effect, and both have information at the bottom of the central image as well. This is because the design is to be similar to a previous one done before. As a result, the poster uses the same elements, but in a slightly different way.

The three images used for the left photo frames consist of a bartender, wall pictures, and a person holding beers. The central image uses a background wallpaper image of musical notes whipping through a black background with bright spots and various colors. Beyond the background is a picture of a grid with a star in the middle and a thick border. This is to show a bingo card, but not as an exact replica of one.

Above the grid is the tagline for the event, which emphasis the non-bingo atmosphere of Musical Squares. To the top right is the Old Skool Entertainment logo. At the bottom of the central frame is the information for Tilt on Trade, alongside its logo. Because the event has two things going on the same night, information for a DJ Show is included. The background of the poster is of Tilt on Trade from the outside, with a high opacity black overlay to allow the foreground elements to stand out.