Theme Trivia and Karaoke – Eleven Lakes Brewing

A promotional poster for Eleven Lakes Brewing. Is your knowledge of trivia just as impressive as your singing? Join Eleven Lakes for theme trivia and karaoke every Wednesday and Saturday.

Eleven Lakes Brewing Poster

Theme Trivia and Karaoke – Eleven Lakes Brewing

Would you like some singing to go along with your cold beers? Eleven Lakes Brewing offers just that. Presented by Old Skool Entertainment, you and your friends can sing along every Saturday and do themed trivia every Wednesday.

Wednesday evenings can be slow at times, while Saturday nights shouldn’t be stuck at home doing nothing. With this in mind, Eleven Lakes Brewing offers something for everyone over the age of 21 to enjoy.

The design incorporates elements from their website, such as the wheat and the color scheme. For example, the light golden wheat adds distinction to the brewing company as a paragraph sectional. The color scheme is that of the same light gold, with turquoise blue and lime green.

The background of the poster is of their tap, which is faded into a black background with lower opacity. Therefore, to make the images stand out more, the foreground images all use a sepia overtone with relevant imagery for each event.

Two images from the website, one on the top right and one on the bottom left, feature their extensive line of brewed beers. In addition, the bottom right image is that of a microphone with the word ‘karaoke’ featured to represent the weekly Saturday karaoke show. The image on the top left is of wooden square blocks that spell out ‘trivia’ to represent the weekly Wednesday theme trivia game.

The focal point image in the center is of the Eleven Lakes Brewing company logo.  As a result, the image draws the viewer into the middle of the poster. To both sides of the logo are the events, with their times, each feature a wheat image. Below the logo is contact information for the company, including their website, their phone number, and the company location.