TGI Fridays – Thursday Night DJ Show

A promotional poster for TGI Fridays at Northlake Mall, located in Charlotte, NC. Every Thursday evening features a DJ Show, showcasing musical talents on the turntables for guests to enjoy.

TGI Fridays DJ Show Poster

TGI Fridays – Thursday Night DJ Show

This is the second promotional image created for Old Skool Entertainment. TGI Fridays hosts a weekly DJ Show that allows those with musical talent to showcase theirs skills. To promote the event, this poster uses simple elements to draw focus to the theme.

The first thing that the viewer will notice is the logo for the Thursday Night DJ Show. It shows a a black and white silhouette of a person mixing on a turntable. Therefore, the black and white silhouette highlights use the white to separate out details of the person and the records. Beside the silhouette is a banner of the event. The font for ‘Thursday Night’ is Papyrus, whereas the text for ‘DJ SHOW’ has a red solid shadow effect.

The background of the poster is of a free-to-use image of a DJ’s turntable and headphones, being the secondary focal point. On the left side of the poster, in a vertical 90 degree turn display, is the website information of Old Skool Entertainment. At the bottom-left corner is the logo for TGI Fridays in its iconic red, white, and black. Below that is a rectangular box with the word ‘NORTHLAKE’ in the center in Arial font.

Continuing on, the bottom center of the poster contains the time and location for the event in Agency FB font. In addition, the time and location are separated by a low opacity dividing line. The bottom-right of the poster displays the Old Skool Entertainment logo in the same opacity with ‘Presented By’ above.

To finish the poster, a red gradient overlay of the same color as the Fridays logo, is above all layers. Finally, this allows the poster to have a central color scheme of red, white, and black to keep the image simple.