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Double Header Poster

Kilted Buffalo Presents Double Header Poster

The Kilted Buffalo is going double with all types of entertainment for everyone. This poster presents the collaboration between Cappitoff Entertainment and Old Skool Entertainment for their Double Header Event.

Wedding Invitation Poster

Library Book Wedding Invitation Poster

A poster of a wedding invitation for two soulmates tying the knot on their wedding day. It is in the design of a hardcover book checked out from a library.

Fox and Hound Karaoke Poster

Fox & Hound – Karaoke Wednesdays

A promotional poster for Karaoke Wednesdays at the Fox & Hound in Birkdale. The poster uses a depth of warm inviting colors and is in the style of classic promotional art.

Ghost in the Shell Poster Full

Promotional Poster – Ghost in the Shell

A promotional poster for the Ghost in the Shell movie released this past summer, starring Scarlett Johansson. It is based off of the Japanese manga series of the same name.

Hornets and Panthers Poster

Hornets and Panthers 2017 Roster Poster

A desktop background created for both the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets 2017 rosters. Both franchises are facing major roster changes and both look to make serious comebacks for their 2017 seasons.