Sweet Peaz Tootering Business Card Back

A ‘Sweet Peaz’ business card design created in Adobe Illustrator for advertising services in childcare and tutoring. The card features peas with happy expressions riding on a curving toy train.Sweet Peaz Business Card

Sweet Peaz Tootering Business Card Back

A common job for young adolescents is babysitting. This allows them to have their first taste of responsibility in return for some extra cash. While this may be a part-time gig for some, others can turn this into a business venture. To combine this with tutoring, this shows a level of trust that parents with children can appreciate. This business card showcases these in a whimsical design featuring peas on a toy train.

This design uses various vector images from freepik.com. Some of the images include toy trains, green peas, facial expressions, clouds, and speech bubbles. The reason as to why vectors are in this image instead of actual images is to convey a cartoon. Therefore, simple vector images are put together to express happiness and glee. The background uses a sky blue color to create a light atmosphere. In addition, the background is slight lighter than that of the train windows to allow the colors to contrast and not blend.

For the train, several of the colors are in different locations from their original positions. However, the colors are set so that the train still feels like a rainbow in its presentation, similar to the Beyond You logo. The front of the train uses warm colors to convey a bright feeling, whereas the passenger carts use cooler colors for a soothing feeling.

The green peas use a mixture of dark and light green gradients to show depth. Using another vector, yellow emoji expressions showcase the glee on their faces. The train tracks are angled so that it feels as if the train is going up and down a slope. Lastly, the speech bubble uses a drop shadow to stand out beyond the white clouds with the words “TOOT! TOOT!” placed in the middle.