Shattered Statue Level Texture Blend

An image of a stock photo with texture blends and level adjustments. This creates the illusion of a shattered statue in a still state in front of a splatter background.

Shattered Statue Poster

Shattered Statue Level Texture Blend

For this miscellaneous image, it encompasses a multitude of textures, blends, levels, and layer masks. This image uses a stock image of a male model in a pose that makes him look devastated. This is the basis for the design to look like a shattered statue. The tutorial comes from Mario Sanchez Nevado, who uses much more extensive detail with his design than this one.

In the design, a pattern of solid and cracked stone textures are above the model. Each of these textures use the levels tool and layer mask to balance out the contrasts in the image desaturation.  This is here five times with five textures and allows for the model to look broken. To allow more blending for the light and dark areas, the layer masks use black and white brush tool strokes.

Two layers use the lasso tool for selections between the cracks. The black brush tool colors in these sections with the blend set to dissolve to show deep cracks. In addition, the layer mask blending allows for depth to be shown around the model’s body and face to compliment the cracks.

A dust layer is above the model to add more realism to the model and to show age. A brown cracked surface layer is above the model to provide color depth to the dust. This also gives the model more blend with the blood splatter background. The image then uses a black and white overlay for shadows, as well as a brown-to-orange gradient. A turquoise blue gradient and a magenta difference layer also compliment the blending. To complete the image, the image is applied and uses a sharpen to allow the edges of the image to stand out in the foreground.