Promotional Poster – Ghost in the Shell

A promotional poster for the Ghost in the Shell movie released this past summer, starring Scarlett Johansson. It is based off of the Japanese manga series of the same name.

Ghost in the Shell Poster Full

Promotional Poster – Ghost in the Shell

If you are a fan of anime and manga, you probably are aware of the Ghost in the Shell series. If you are a fan of Hollywood sex symbols, you probably are aware of Scarlett Johansson. Both joined forces in order to create a movie adaptation of the series. This combination led to the creation of the 2017 futuristic science fiction film, Ghost in the Shell, directed by Rupert Sanders.

When the movie was announced, the general response to the film was very mixed. This was due to the casting of characters and lack of character development. The movie stars the main character, a Japanese cybernetic woman named Motoko Kusanagi, or The Major. The backlash received was due to having a white woman star in the lead role. This led to accusations of whitewashing, which also was one of the many reasons that the movie did not do too well in the theaters.

The text in this poster influenced the creation of another poster. The bottom left and right of the poster has text and an image representing the movie. The  bottom left shows a quote from the movie in both English and Japanese, while the bottom right is the logo of the Ghost in the Shell series.

In regards to the promotional poster created, the design uses the Major as the point of emphasis. The render is that of Johansson staring off onto the distance, with a scene of her on top of a building used as the background. In the foreground, an image of a number matrix adds a futuristic effect. In addition, the color scheme is various blues, blacks, and whites. This represent a cold, dark future, blurring the line between robot and human.