Oakland Raiders – Coat of Arms (NFL)

The fourth image in the Coat of Arms – NFL edition set,  featuring the Oakland Raiders of Oakland, CA. The Raiders were founded in 1960 and their motto is “Commitment to Excellence.”

Coat of Arms - Oakland Raiders Logo

Oakland Raiders – Coat of Arms (NFL)

The ‘Black Hole’ of the NFL. The team that made John Madden famous. The team that dons the silver and black that other teams fear. This is the Raiders, who once were in Los Angeles and are eventually going to relocate to Las Vegas. The team has three of four Super Bowl championships to their name and looks to capture another with their current roster. The raucous franchise bolsters names like Derek Carr, Michael Crabtree, Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper, and more.

To pay homage to the legendary silver and black, this Coat of Arms created for them is the most appropriate. The shield is entirely desaturated to show off the monochrome color scheme in the best way possible. To show contrast, the black and white of the color scheme is notable for the viewer.

The wordmark at the top of the shield shows ‘RAIDERS’, but the text above and below create a more formal title for the team. At the bottom right of the shield is the logo and beside that is the state of California in black. The bottom of the silver ribbon banner uses two duplicates of the banner to incorporate the team motto.

The accent leaves surrounding the shield and sword are various shades of gray. The sword behind the shield is a gradient of black to silver. In addition, to make the center of the shield stand out, the top left and bottom right panels are a darker grey. The top right and bottom left are a lighter shade of gray. The perimeter of the shield uses the same gradient as the sword, but in opposite direction.