Retro Inside Design – Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream Menu

A retro redesign of the inside menu for Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream in the style of a 1950’s diner, displaying various images of many of their delicious menu items.

Mr Ks Menu 2 - Inside Design

Retro Inside Design – Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream Menu

When you think of the word ‘retro’, you may think of the classics. Diners are normally the first thing a person will think of. With Mr. K’s restaurant, you will get that classic feeling of a 1950’s diner, from the inside out. Although there may not be a jukebox or a waitress on skates here, the food is still plenty authentic. Therefore, to give the illusion of those old diners, the inside of their menu is made to look the part.

The major difference between this design and the official inside redesign is the amount of imagery. With this design, there are images of the food within the pages. Each page has two complimentary images to add a visual appeal to the customer. Each of these images uses a clipping mask inside of a red circle. There are also two images that are dividers for both pages.

The text uses the same red, blue, and black color scheme, but the font is different. The headers use Arial Bold for emphasis, while the subtext uses italics. Each subtext comes with a thin dividing line to separate from the menu items. The menu items use Arial Rounded Bold for font, but are still in the same placement as the official menu redesign.  Each menu item has a corresponding image taken from real restaurant pictures for visual aids.

Lastly, a diner is not complete without the typical checkerboard pattern. To act as borders, black and white checkerboard patterns compliment the top and bottom of the menu. This adds to the illusion of the 1950’s-style diner menu.