Outside Design – Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream Menu Official

A redesign of the outside menu for Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream, which displays the various combinations of ice cream available, as well as the front cover featuring the restaurant.

Mr Ks Menu - Official Outside Design

Outside Design – Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream Menu Official

Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream is a staple of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. The restaurant established itself in 1967 and, to this day, still serves the same delicious food that even Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera enjoys. From locally famous ice cream and more, this is a place Charlotte residents have to experience. Because of how long the restaurant has been in business, it goes through menu changes all the time. Therefore, to keep with the modern-day crowd, this menu has a modern-day flavor in of itself.

The most appealing portion of a restaurant menu is not just the food, but the front cover. On this front cover, the image that is featured as the focal point is of an oil painting of the restaurant at night. This painting is from a local Charlotte painter and because of his work, this is just as much a staple to the restaurant as the building. The painting uses a black to clear gradient overlay to darken the top of the image. That allows the logo of Mr. K’s to display in the most efficient way possible. The logo uses brighter and sharper colors to stand out further.

To continue with the front cover, a white box is behind the painting, detailing the information of the restaurant. This includes store hours, the family motto, directions, phone numbers, and social media links. The remaining design is a thick red outline of the painting and white box with a black background. The back of the menu shows the Ice Cream menu in the same style as the inside design of the restaurant’s menu.