Inside Design – Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream Menu Official

A redesign of the inside menu for Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream, listing off all of the delicious burgers, drinks, hot dogs, milkshakes, and more available for the hungry customer.

Mr Ks Menu - Official Inside Design

Inside Design – Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream Menu Official

Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream has been around for 50 years and still continues to grow this day. As a staple of Charlotte, North Carolina, it features some of the best food that your mouth will crave. With this design of the inside of the menu, it features a modern-day look for the modern-day customer.

Instead of displaying images to compliment the food, this menu uses text, color, and organization to do the talking. The font of each item, title, and subtitle is Cicle Gordita. The headers are in 21-point font, with the items in 12-point and subtitles in 10-point. Both pages use two columns worth of food items divided by importance and necessity. Therefore, because a customer is likely to read from left to right, they will see the entrees first. The sandwiches and sides continue, while the deserts and drinks conclude on the right.

Each header is in a light blue color to provide a comforting feeling for the customer. In contrast, the subtext uses a light red to differ from the title and items. All of the items are in black in order to keep the design simple from the white background. In addition, every title and subtitle has a dividing line to separate the titles and the items to allow the customer to read everything easier.

For the items, all of the food titles are justified to the left, while the prices are to the right. For anything considered a condiment, drink, extra option, or add-in, they are in 9-point font to not take away from the main items. The menu items continue on the outside design of the menu.