Classic Outside Design – Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream Menu

A classic redesign of the outside menu for Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream, showcasing a throwback of their menu in the style of a 1950’s diner with some modern-day flair.

Mr Ks Menu 2 - Outside Design

Classic Outside Design – Mr K’s Soft Ice Cream Menu

Turning something old and making it new again are just some of the ways to bring back the classics. Whether that is a muscle car, an antique piece of furniture, or more, there is always that charm. With Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream, what is new again is the 1950’s diner experience. This menu redesign displays that old can be new again with some modern-day flair.

The front page of the menu uses the painting of the restaurant as the focal point. However, unlike the official outside menu, this one has more noticeable color to it. The painting does not have a dark tone to it, but it does have the current logo in front with a black border.

Below the front cover is the restaurant’s motto and contact information. At the top is the hours of operation and both ‘HOURS’ and the motto use light blue for color.  In addition, two clipping mask images with red borders to go with the red outlines add to the colors. This shows a lot to the customer at one time, but not too much that takes away from what they are seeing.

The right side displays the Ice Cream menu, with plenty of items and images for the customer to enjoy. The headers are in the same light blue, but the subtext is in red with a black divider line below. The menu items are in black and are separated by category. There are four images of desert items, two above and below, that allow a visual aid for the customer before buying.