Marvel vs. Capcom Themed Halloween Shirt

A Halloween t-shirt design based on the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite video game for KOYOBI, LLC. The character renders include Morrigan, Dr. Strange, and Ghost Rider, featuring pumpkins and bats.

MVC Halloween Shirt Logo

Marvel vs. Capcom Themed Halloween Shirt

When it comes to Halloween, the first things in your mind you probably think about are pumpkins, witches, darkness, and bats. With this t-shirt design, all are included. This Marvel vs. Capcom-inspired t-shirt features characters like Morrigan, Dr. Strange, and Ghost Rider. These three represent a witch, a wizard, and a specter, with bats in the background in an orange colorization.

The shirt is black in order to carry the Halloween theme. In order to create an original design, the MVC: Infinite logo is in a different look. The MARVEL logo is  in the same vein as the original, but instead says HAPPY and uses the Bebas font with a red and white border background. There is also a drop shadow to make them both stand out more. The VS. font is in Impact font and with a right skew, in front of a sunburst render in the background, behind a lens flare for effect.

The CAPCOM logo now says HALLOWEEN using the Korinna BT font, a light blue stroke, and a white border stroke. Another drop shadow makes this font stand out as well. The INFINITE font also uses Impact for KOYOBI, but with a black border and another right skew. Therefore, all logo recreations are similar to the original.

The infinity logo is different from the original since it uses a more dynamic design from its originator. A gradient infinity symbol was found and a red and blue gradient was added similar to the logo. In addition, three stroke brush patterns with matching colors are in the infinity symbol for extra effect.