Los Angeles Chargers – Coat of Arms (NFL)

The ninth entry into the Coat of Arms – NFL edition series. It is the Los Angeles Chargers, founded in 1959 and relocated in 2017. Their motto is “Fight for L.A.”

Coat of Arms - Los Angeles Chargers Logo

Los Angeles Chargers – Coat of Arms (NFL)

A product of the AFL-NFL merger, the Los Angeles Chargers, are one of four AFC West teams. The once well-known former San Diego Chargers are one of the most prolific teams in the NFL. Having appeared in Super Bowl XXIX against the San Francisco 49ers, the Chargers hold claim to 13 playoffs and 4 AFC Championship games. In addition, their most notable franchise stars include Phillip Rivers, Junior Seau, Ladaniain Tomlinson, Kellen Winslow, Antonio Gates, and Dan Fouts.

For this Coat of Arms design, powder blue and gold shine brightly over the image for viewers. The newly-updated wordmark for the Los Angeles Chargers sits above their team logo and the state of California, emblazoned in gold. The wordmark uses one of the three primary team colors, navy blue. Additionally, with the rust overlay, the shield provides a flair of age and strength for a franchise over 50 years old.

Continuing with the navy blue color, the sword behind the shield accompanies this, as well as the corner leaves. The text for the ribbon above states ‘EST. 1959′, the founding year of the Los Angeles Chargers. This is above the top ribbon, also housing the gold of the Chargers’ lighting bolt. This continues with the bottom ribbon in gold and the team logo in front. Also, the team logo, in navy blue, reads ‘Fight for L.A.’, the team’s updated slogan.

The accents adorned on either side of the shield are in a slightly darker gold color. At the top and the bottom of the shield are two more accents in the powder blue coloration. Lastly, the border of the shield is in a darker gray color in order to allow the powder blue and gold shine as bright as the future of the Los Angeles Chargers’ future.