Library Book Wedding Invitation Poster

A poster of a wedding invitation for two soulmates tying the knot on their wedding day. It is in the design of a hardcover book checked out from a library.

Wedding Invitation Poster

Library Book Wedding Invitation Poster

Weddings are one of the biggest moments of a person’s life. Young girls and boys look forward to this day in which they have the dream wedding with their significant other. Adult men and women look forward to this day where they can spend the rest of their lives with the one they love. For this wedding, the theme is that of a library book with the first volume representing the beginning of a new life. 

For the book design, the design is reminiscent of a similar book design provided by the bride. As a result, this image is a recreation of that, showcasing elegance and simplicity. The spine of the book uses the font Edwardian Script ITC for ‘A Wedding Story’ in a grayish color. In addition, the gray accents for ‘Vol 1’ are redesigns from the original image. Additionally, there are two vertical lines to separate the spine from the cover, therefore, making the book look more official. 

For the front cover of the book, the main color is a slightly lighter dolphin gray than the spine. The four corners of the book use design accents with straight lines as edges. At the top and bottom of the book are grand accents. The center of the book showcases the names of the bride and groom in bold. The text is at an angle and uses flag word wrap for flair. As a result, the text stands out as the direct focus of the book. 

Below the bottom accent is a banner displaying the date of the wedding.also using the flag word wrap. Lastly, at the bottom of the book, the book’s publisher shows that this was checked out from the North Carolina Public Library.