Kilted Buffalo Presents Double Header Poster

The Kilted Buffalo is going double with all types of entertainment for everyone. This poster presents the collaboration between Cappitoff Entertainment and Old Skool Entertainment for their Double Header Event.

Double Header Poster

Kilted Buffalo Presents Double Header Poster

It’s Cappitoff Entertainment vs Old Skool Entertainment in a two-night battle of entertainment. On Friday, at The Kilted Buffalo, Cappitoff Entertainment presents a DJ Show. Whereas, on Saturday, Old Skool Entertainment presents karaoke. Both nights showcase a bevy of musical talent and fun for all. 

For the poster, it is in a split color design, with both parties taking half of the poster. At the top, The Kilted Buffalo’s text logo is present in a rusty, dark red coloration alongside its logos on both sides. In the center is a brown star with VS in the middle for both promotions.

One of the central focuses of the poster is the DOUBLE HEADER text. It uses Libre Franklin font for a bold standout with the same dark red and brown colors as before. Behind DOUBLE is a filled-in drop shadow in yellow of the same word. Therefore, this allows the double effect to stand out further.

The other central focus of the poster is the two glasses with ice cubes inside. The cups use a contrasting color on each side’s background for presentation. As a result, the preceding texts and images at the bottom of the poster follow the same scheme. The cups, meanwhile, showcase each promotion’s logo in their respective original colors.

Lastly, the backgrounds are in both orange and beige. Because the color scheme is using warm colors, it allows the poster to feel more inviting to the viewer. The goal of the poster is to use as very little resources as possible. Therefore, the images and text are as simple as possible for maximum effect.