Keep on Hustlinx – VXV Album Cover

An album cover design revision for Keaux Fonce from his 2010 compilation album, Keep on Hustlinx. This is his first album with songs on previous multiple albums featuring various musical artists.

Keaux Album Cover 3

Keep on Hustlinx – VXV Album Cover

Keep on Hustlinx is the first compilation album from VXV Entertainment leader Keaux Fonce. This is following the release of previous EP albums, Kold World, N.O.U.N.S., and Last Tease. This album features songs from each album.

This album is notable in that it is the last album to use the original KOH naming. The original 2010 release album is a white cover with the KOH logo in the center and a different VXV logo. The VXV logo says ‘Five: 15’ with a half-hemisphere and an alien head above. In addition, the squares surrounding the logo have a black outline instead of a white one.

The old logo is much simpler than the current 2018 re-release. It does not feature any other color than black and white and the track listing is for only 16 songs. The 2018 release introduces two new songs, Do Datx and Jezebellx. With the two new songs, every track now has an ‘x’ after the title to differentiate and stand out. Because of the new track listing, the album name removes the apostrophe and replaces it with another ‘x’. The artist name KOH is replaced with Eric Jackson’s new name, Keaux, and VXV replaces Five: 15.

The background now shows people hiking up a rocky and grassy mountainside. This is the same background that is present in Keaux’s website, with the same text for VXV. The font for the text is the same as the music group, and a redesigned back cover also follows this change. On the new back cover, the mountainside is more prominent, with half of the album tracks in pink and the other half in blue.