Jacksonville Jaguars – Coat of Arms (NFL)

The fifth creation into the Coat of Arms – NFL edition series. This is the Jacksonville Jaguars of Jacksonville, FL. The team was founded in 1995 and their motto is “Stand United.”

Coat of Arms - Jacksonville Jaguars Logo

Jacksonville Jaguars – Coat of Arms (NFL)

Another 1995 expansion team alongside the Panthers, the Jaguars were added to the list of NFL franchises. While the Jaguars may not have the level of success of its cat counterpart in their franchise’s history, the Jaguars have history. Because of a fantastic 14-2 record in 1996, three years after the team’s birth, the Jaguars saw early success. The franchise looks to replicate that success today after years of faltering. This Coat of Arms emphasizes the franchise’s color scheme.

For the design, the wordmark of the Jaguars is in the top center of the shield. Using the gold coloration of the text for ‘JACKSONVILLE’, the top left and bottom right of the shield have distinct shine. The top right and bottom left of the shield uses the teal color of the logo’s tongue as fill-in. The bottom left of the shield shows the team’s logo, while the bottom right shows the state of Florida in teal.

The perimeter of the shield is black to add contrast to the overly bright team colors. The leaf accents on the sides also use the same black coloration. Both of the ribbon banners above and below the shield use the gold, where the top displays ‘EST. 1995’ and the bottom shows the team’s motto.

The sword in the background is black from the top and teal at the bottom. To add to the scheme, the leaf accents at the top and bottom of the shield use the same teal. To finish off the design, the bottom accents beside the sword are gold and a rust overlay allows the shield to have a aged look.