Inspirational Poster – Do’s and Don’ts

An inspirational poster about the Do’s and Don’ts in life. This is to inspire others to pursue what they desire the most in life and to learn along the way.

Inspirational Posters - Dos and Donts Full

Inspirational Poster – Do’s and Don’ts

Life is hard. Any person can immediately tell you that because they know what is like. However, the people who succeed in life are the ones who can handle the bad and the good at the same time. They know what to do and what not to do. As a result, their paths in life become much more clearer and easier to walk.

The poster was originally composed of sticky notes on my walls, leading to even more posters. Before PNX Works became something I dedicated my time and resources to, I did not know what the first step was. My very first creation is the Do’s and Don’ts poster as an immediate visual reminder of how to approach this undertaking.

Each note on the sticky notes are on the poster, in addition with new ones. The background is of a blue sky with clouds to set the color scheme as calm and peaceful. The poster has a black frame border that has a white border around it. Around that border is another one in blue, and around that is a grey one. This is to create a frame image effect.

The Do’s are in white, while the Don’ts are in turquoise. Both have 10 inspirational lines to allow the reader to understand that life can be just as simple if it is in another perspective. Certain lines, such as ‘Do something fun’ and ‘Don’t forget your goal’ are what I respond to whenever I believe that this is more than I bargained for.

If doing something you love feels more like work and is not as enjoyable anymore, then make it fun. If you do, then you will never work a day in your life.