Hornets and Panthers 2017 Roster Poster

A desktop background created for both the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets 2017 rosters. Both franchises are facing major roster changes and both look to make serious comebacks for their 2017 seasons.

Hornets and Panthers Poster

Hornets and Panthers 2017 Roster Poster

When it comes to the two most notable professional sports franchises for both North and South Carolina, the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets and NFL’s Carolina Panthers come to mind. Both teams are fairly new to Charlotte, but both have major impacts on the city and sports as well.

Both teams have reached high levels of success in their franchises. However, they have also reached dramatic lows. Therefore, as per each season, they have introduced new and returning faces in order to reach championship-level success. The 2017 rosters are new and exciting for the city of Charlotte and this poster shows it. This is the second image created for a desktop wallpaper, but is also large enough to place on a wall.

At 45 degree angles, the Panthers and Hornets sides have their own coloration and backgrounds. The Panthers have a round rectangle background with a navy blue color overlay. In contrast, the Horents have a honeycomb background with a teal overlay. The left and right sides of the poster have a purple lining for dark edges.

The team logos are in the center of their respective sides and have lower opacity for them to blend into the background while still being the focal points. The Panthers logo has 22 names surrounding it, whereas the Hornets has 18. Originally, there were more Panthers names included, but the  amount was lowered to be closer to the number of the Hornets roster.

A dividing line is between the two sides and the text uses Oswald font. CHARLOTTE HORNETS shows at the bottom left in the purple edge color. CAROLINA PANTHERS is at the top right in the teal overlay color. This allows the text to stand out as much as the logos.