Healing Heart Ministry Incorporated Crest

Pastor Christopher Ingram was recently introduced into the Healing Heart Ministry. His Healing Heart Ministry crest, similar to his mother’s, presents everything that he stands for in his ministry journey.

HHM Crest Logo

Healing Heart Ministry Incorporated Crest

The journey to pastor-hood is never an easy one. It is a road filled with trials, tribulations, soul-breaking moments and more. However, it is the ones who truly put their faith into their lives that reach unknown heights. Those who truly put their hearts and souls into teaching the Word are the ones many look toward for guidance. For Pastor Christopher Ingram, his odyssey has led him toward joining the Healing Heart Ministry. Therefore, his crest represents what he stands for alongside his teachings.

The crest is similar to that of the one his mother bears. The three most prominent colors on the crest are that of gold, crimson, and light purple. The ribbon banners, in the gold and crimson, portray majesty with their flow and effect. Because the image uses many forms of drop shadows and 3D effects, the layers stand out further. The ribbon’s drop shadows and lighting gradients allow it to stand out the furthest in the image. The ribbons wrap around the crest with Olde English font wrapping alongside the ribbon in gold gradient.

The focal point of the crest is the center diamond. This diamond, in the purple and gold gradients, showcase four images. These images are of a bible, an anchor, a wave, and hands clasped together. Therefore, they represent worship, strength, peace, and faith. A more perpendicular star separates each image, whereas a drop shadow allows the entire star to stand out.

Lastly, the background image is of that of an oval in the same purple and gold gradients. As a result, the border and center of the image are in the gold, while a much larger border is the purple. Along the purple are the words HEALING HEART MINISTRY INCORPORATED in Times New Roman Font.