Greetings Orlando WrestleMania Postcard

A greetings postcard for Orlando, FL, as part of a promotional image for WWE’s WrestleMania 33 PPV event. The postcard uses the tagline for the event, “The Ultimate Thrill Ride!”

Orlando Postcard Poster

Greetings Orlando WrestleMania Postcard

WrestleMania is the ‘granddaddy of sports entertainment’. It is biggest professional wrestling event in the world that WWE hosts annually. In 2017, WWE presented their 33rd annual WrestleMania event, from Orlando, Florida. Because of Florida’s well-known tropical locale, sunny beaches, and eventful city life, it was the perfect choice for venue.

For the 2017 event, the inspiration for the stage setup uses a theme park reminiscent of Universal Studios. The stage, alongside multiple steel structures and LED lights, displays a roller coaster. The center of the stage is the Universal Studios globe, with the WrestleMania logo in the middle. Therefore, the tagline, “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” is given meaning.

For the design, a postcard is the base because of how these cards are a form of greeting without the use of an envelop. The background of the postcard is of the venue, Camping World Stadium. However, the major focus of the design is the ORLANDO text in Adobe Illustrator using a 3D tutorial from WebFX. The text’s edges use a crimson outline with the sides using a much darker crimson. The inside edges use white while the background of the text uses an image of downtown Orlando.

For the font for the tagline, it is Thirsty Script Extrabold Demo. In addition, the text is in a cream color with a drop shadow and uses a flag word wrap for a more festive look. For the edge of the postcard, the edge uses a burned paper background for an aged look. As a result, to continue with this aged look, a cream gradient and hue map are over the entire image.