Green Bay Packers – Coat of Arms (NFL)

The second image in the Coat of Arms – NFL edition set. It is the first-ever Super Bowl Champions, the Green Bay Packers. Founded in 1959, their motto is “Go Pack Go!”

Coat of Arms - Green Bay Packers Logo

Green Bay Packers – Coat of Arms (NFL)

Possibly the most well-known franchise in NFL history, the Packers have a legacy. The legendary careers of Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers, all own a Super Bowl victory under their tenure. The Super Bowl’s prize is the Lombardi Trophy, after Vince Lombardi, himself.  The franchise was involved in the first two Super Bowls in history and are currently seeking a fifth trophy in the future.

For this design, much like the Jaguars, the yellow that is prominent in the logo is the same on the ribbon banners. The above ribbon banner reads the year that the team was founded, whereas the below banner reads the team’s motto. The green and yellow color scheme is apparent on the middle of the shield. The top left and bottom right feature the signature Packer green, while the top right and bottom left feature the signature yellow.

The Packers wordmark has text above it that says ‘GREEN BAY’ in Agency FB font. Below that are the team’s logo and the state of Wisconsin in yellow. The perimeter of the shield outlining the inside is a darker version of the yellow, providing a brownish tint. Also, the top and bottom ribbons have the same yellow coloring for the accent leaves.

The sides and bottom corners of the shield have the Packer green for the accent leaves. In addition, the sword in the background has the Packer green to make it contrast from the heavy amounts of yellow. Finally, to finish off the design, a rust overlay allows the image to have an aged look to the viewer.