Gorillaz Inspirational Poster – We Got The Power

A musical poster based off of inspirational posters oftentimes seen in offices. This features the band Gorillaz and takes lyrics from the chorus of the song We Got the Power.

Gorillaz We Got The Power Poster

Gorillaz Inspirational Poster – We Got The Power

Some people say that it is easier to love than to hate. Others say the complete opposite. No matter what, love will always be more positive, influential, helpful, and necessary than hate. Therefore, in order to love one another, we have to have the power to do that. And we do. This musical poster is similar to those inspirational posters that are always on walls. This one uses the chorus lines from track 20 of the album Humanz, We Got the Power, featuring Jehnny Beth.

The image is of a diverse group of people holding each others’ hands and raising them on a sunset beach. Their bodies are obscured by the sunlight, so it shows the people as silhouettes. Bordering the image is a black stroke, which is also bordered by a second purple stroke. The purple stroke is from the color of the sky.

Below the image features both the title of the image, as well as the quote behind it. The title reads LOVE and has an indigo to purple gradient overlay to match the purple border of the image. Below that are the lyrics, in white Times New Roman font, that read, “We got the power to be loving each other, no matter what happens. We’ve got the power to do that.” The quote features the Gorillaz logo, in white, as the ones who quoted it.

The bottom of the poster features a silhouette of the virtual band in their most recent look. The silhouette uses the same indigo to purple gradient overlay in low opacity to make the band stand out, but not too much. In addition, this adds the effect of a cameo appearance for the band so viewers can get a visual idea of who they are in contrast to just their logo.