GLOW Party – Hattie’s Tap and Tavern

A poster promoting the Netflix GLOW Party. The 80’s, gorgeous ladies, and the squared circle, all in one. Hattie’s Tap and Tavern presents the GLOW Party, sponsored by REYKA Vodka.

GLOW Party Poster

GLOW Party – Hattie’s Tap and Tavern

Whether or not you’re a fan of pro wrestling or gorgeous ladies, no one can pass up on a party. Sponsored by REYKA Vodka, Hattie’s Tap and Tavern presented the GLOW Party for the hit Netflix series. Old Skool Entertainment also sponsored and presented the event.

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is a Netflix series of a women’s wrestling promotion from the 1980s. Notable individuals in the show include Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong), Brooke Hogan, Joey Ryan, Carlito, and Brodus Clay. Chavo Guerrero is a consultant of the series and was a trainer for the actresses.

For the poster, pink neon lighting is the central theme. The background consists of a classic female wrestler posing behind thick ring ropes. The woman’s face is obscured by the top of the image for anonymity. The ring ropes are highlighted using a large pink outer glow. There is a lighter brightness on the ropes themselves. In addition, there are darker edges of the image to focus directly on the middle of the poster.

The logo of the series is below the center of the image, larger than all of the foreground elements with the same glow effects. The word ‘PARTY’ uses a neon effect, where there is a pink outline, bevel effect for roundness, outer glow, and drop shadow. A neon sign font allows the text to show the effect of the sign being on a wall.

Because the event is through Hattie’s Tap and Tavern, their logo is also in a different color style. Therefore, the logo gives the illusion of more shine and uses lighter colors, namely pink, to invert the original color scheme.