Eat A Big Pizza – Inspirational Posters

An inspirational poster for those needing to deal with a lot to handle or feeling overwhelmed in life. How do you eat a big pizza? One slice at a time.

Big Pizza Poster

Eat A Big Pizza – Inspirational Posters

Continuing the trends of inspirational posters, this one is one that my mentor taught me. If you were to ask someone, “How do you eat a big pizza?”, you would probably get mixed results. The ones who think outside of the box will respond, “One slice at a time.” Now what that means exactly is that, for those who have a lot happening at once in life, there is a solution. The solution is to tackle one thing at a time. Eventually, you can reach your goal, but do not put on more weight than you can carry.

The poster uses the sentence, “How do you eat a big pizza?” repeated hundreds of times and at a 45 degree angle for the background.  The background also uses the foreground image of a pizza missing a slice to set the tone. The image is three times as large in the background as it is the foreground.

As for the foreground, the same pizza image is using the smudge and blur tools around the edges in a rough fashion. As a result, this is done intentionally to add a dramatic effect of allowing the viewer to see that the pizza is the focal point, no matter how off-putting it looks. The words, “One slice at a time” are at the same 45 degree angle below the title and beside the pizza. The foreground words are in Oswald font and “One slice at a time” is larger to therefore make the point of the poster.

A person will constantly ask themselves the same question over and over again until they find the right answer. However, figuring out the first step is the first priority toward reaching that right answer.