Double Exposure Action Photo Blend

An image of a simple tutorial that teaches how to create a double exposure using Photoshop actions. This image uses a photograph of a model and a cityscape for effects.

Double Exposure Poster

Double Exposure Action Photo Blend

Even the simplest of tutorials can create a dramatic effect. This is what this tutorial from   is providing for the graphic designer in all of us. In nine easy steps, the creator teaches us how to take a photograph and a city to create fantastic work.

Using a modeling image of a woman facing the sea from Ben Loader,  the subject of the design is set. In addition, a cityscape image of Kong Kuala in Malaysia adds to the mix. In the tutorial, the creator has the city image above the model in Screen mode. The cityscape is two different layers, where one uses a white and the other uses a black layer mask for blending.

The next steps of the tutorial use the Actions window in Photoshop to record every step for ease of use. This is the double exposure. The levels of the entire image are 49, 1.15, and 207 for a darker blend. Also, the contrast of the image is 100 to allow a specific level of difference between the model and the cityscape.

Using black and white brushes, the layer mask layers are blended to add more effect. The highest towers of the cityscape are at the model’s head, while the rest of the city is on her back. This provides the viewer the idea that the model longs for the city instead of the sea.

To conclude with the design, a golden yellow gradient map is at the top of the layers. As a result, this blends all of the colors together to show a sunset effect with the background. This is the second image to use such a color effect, as with the Ghost in the Shell promotional poster.