Denver Broncos – Coat of Arms (NFL)

The third creation into the Coat of Arms – NFL Edition collection. This time, it is Colorado’s Denver Broncos. The team was founded in 1959 and their motto is “United in Orange.”

Coat of Arms - Denver Broncos Logo

Denver Broncos – Coat of Arms (NFL)

The Broncos have a historical franchise with names like John Elway, Peyton Manning, and Tim Tebow. Recording three Super Bowl championships, their most recent one came at Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers in 2016. While the team is looking to reform their dominance ever since that victory, the defense, bolstered by names like Von Miller, Chris Harris Jr., and Bradley Roby, still remains the ‘No Fly Zone’.

With orange and blue being the Broncos’ team colors, the shield is apparent with the look. Using a similar technique to the Oakland Raiders’ Coat of Arms, the bottom ribbon uses three for the team motto. Above is the second ribbon showcasing the franchise’s founding year. Both ribbons use the navy blue coloration from the logo. Therefore, to contrast the navy blue, the text for the ribbons are in Times New Roman in the orange coloration.

In the center of the shield, the wordmark for the Broncos is at the top in the team’s orange and blue. Below are the team logo and the state of Colorado in navy blue. The rust overlay shield also features the orange and blue in all four corners of the shield. The perimeter is in orange and has a black bottom for contrast.

To surround the shield, accent leaves are at the top, bottom, right, and left. However, the accent leaves in the corners are in a darker shade of the navy blue to contrast from the others. The sides are in navy blue, whereas the top and bottom leaves are in orange. The complimentary sword behind the shield has a black to orange gradient.