Carolina Panthers – Coat of Arms (NFL)

The first creation into the Coat of Arms – NFL Edition collection. It is Charlotte, NC’s own Carolina Panthers. The Panthers franchise was founded in 1995 and their motto is “Keep Pounding”.

Coat of Arms - Carolina Panthers Logo

Carolina Panthers – Coat of Arms (NFL)

One of two expansion teams, alongside the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Panthers were founded in 1995. With two Super Bowl appearances in 2004 and 2016, the team is still searching for that first Lombardi Trophy. Notable names of the franchise include Steve Smith Sr., Jake Delhomme, Cam Newton, Thomas Davis, Luke Keuchley, and Ryan Khalil. The team is notable for being the ‘Cardiac Cats’, making famous ‘The Dab’, and by their mantra by the legendary Sam Mills Sr.

The teams three primary colors are black, silver, and their own Carolina blue. All three colors are prominent on the design, while the Carolina blue stands out the furthest. The team’s newest wordmark of the team  is at the top of the shield. This is in the blue, much like the state of North Carolina at the bottom right. The bottom left shows the team’s logo.

The middle of the shield uses the black and silver coloration in all four corners. The top left and bottom right are black, while the top right and bottom left are white. Surrounding the shield are accent leaves in Carolina blue, as well as the perimeter of the shield in the same color.

The ribbon banners above and below the shield are in black and silver with the text in blue. The font is in Times New Roman and is for the founding year and the team’s motto. In addition, the rest of the shield has accent leaves at the top, bottom, corners of the shield. These are in black, while the sword in the background is in a black and Carolina blue gradient.