Breast Cancer Signature – Keyanna Wiggins

An updated version of the Keyanna Wiggins Diamond Class Photography watermark signature. This image is featuring pink lettering used for the photographer’s name in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Keyanna Signature - Breast Cancer Logo

Breast Cancer Signature – Keyanna Wiggins

When it comes to breast cancer, it is a disease affecting millions worldwide. This is why October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many organizations, including the Susan G. Komen Foundation, are available to donate to in order to help find a future cure. The loss of loved ones is a painful reminder of how terrible this disease can be. However, there are survivors who encourage those suffering to continue to fight.

The cancer occurs when cells divide and grow without their normal control. Ductal carcinoma occurs when the abnormal cells grow inside the milk ducts, but have not spread to nearby tissue. DCIS is a non-invasive breast cancer. It is invasive when cancer cells spread to nearby tissue or other parts of the body. Invasive breast cancer that spreads throughout the body is metastatic breast cancer.

Keyanna Wiggins is also doing her part through awareness with her updated watermark, identified by pink that we know represents awareness. The design of the watermark is similar to  ‘A Duome Jas’. In addition, the font used is Mr. De Haviland. The text ‘Diamond Class Photography’ is pulled from the Diamond Class Photography signature.

The text for the name is at an angle to add a bit of flair to the look. The angle allows the text to look written in freehand with a pin. The ‘K’ and the ‘W’ are slightly larger than normal for emphasis. The black background allows the texts to stand out more.

Breast cancer is a disease that millions are fighting all around the world. Although the disease is still common, the rate for deaths have dropped well over the past few decades. Awareness allows others to understand the impact and do more to overcome in the future. Keyanna’s watermark is one of the many examples of that.