Birkdale Fox and Hound DJ Show Poster

Fox & Hound are looking to make your Friday nights even more memorable. Therefore, they present their DJ Show, every Friday at Birkdale, for musical talents alongside food and drinks.

Fox and Hound Birkdale Poster

Birkdale Fox and Hound DJ Show Poster

Birkdale Village, in Huntersville, NC, is home to many forms of nightly entertainment. Fox & Hound Sports Tavern is a prominent area for such entertainment. As a result, to expand their entertainment, they are promoting a DJ Show every Friday night. Talented musicians from across the North Carolina area and beyond will perform for your enjoyment. For music enthusiasts, this is the ideal spot to be. Therefore, this poster is a simple example of what you can look forward to.

For the poster, it is in the style of simple, but effective. The major focus is that of the turntable. The image takes up roughly 30% of the entire poster to place emphasis on what kind of entertainment will be present. Below that is the text for BIRKDALE DJ SHOW. This text, as well as the rest on the poster, use Myriad Pro font. Additionally, the text interconnects so that the white and light blue gradient flows throughout.

In the background, it is akin to a space atmosphere. The space effect is achieved through use of a black background, white dots, noise reduction, and splatters. A large black border surrounds the background as well. At the top of the poster is the time for the event and at the bottom is the location.

For separators, a thin white line present above and below the Fox & Hound logo. Finally, to complete the color scheme, a mixture of blue, white, and black gradient maps are on top of everything. This is done to convey a sense of calmness and enjoyment at night, as the goal of the DJ Show itself.