Beer Pong Tournament – The Trap Bar and Billiards

A poster promoting the free Beer Pong Tournament. Are your beer pong skills the best? Join the free tournament at The Trap Bar and Billiards, every Wednesday from 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM.

The Trap Poster

Beer Pong Tournament – The Trap Bar and Billiards

If you’re looking beer, ping pong, and something to do for free, the Beer Pong Tournament at The Trap is where to go.  Savage Entertainment presents the weekly tournament, a subsidiary of Old Skool Entertainment. Beer pong may be a just a game at parties, but The Trap Bar and Grill has prizes for the winners.

The poster design is unique, in that it has a custom-made logo for The Trap. Because of the company having an older logo, simplicity is apparent in this logo. The font is Oswald Stencil, with the T and P being larger than the rest of the text, and ‘BAR AND BILLIARDS’ being subtext underneath. To add more to the effect, a sound wave is behind the logo for personality.

The focal point of the poster is of the plastic cups and the ping pong ball, itself. The fingers holding the ping pong ball are apparent on the right side of the poster. Whereas, with the cups, they are in the center and there is no background to place focus. On the ping pong ball is the logo for Savage Entertainment, the affiliate of Old Skool Entertainment, with that logo below.

Below the cups is the information for the event. Since the subtitle of the event is above a red rectangular box, the beers in boxes are as well. In addition, the font is regular Oswald in all capital letters. To the right of the list is the prizes and the DJ for the night,  in the same Oswald Stencil font. At the bottom of the poster is the information for the event, with soundbars in low opacity in the background. Finally, the overlay of the poster is a dark red hue.