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Graphic design, website design, marketing, and more.  Showcase. Satisfy. Succeed.

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Graphic design, web design, brand marketing, event marketing, and more services for the wanting customer. PNX Works is more than just graphic design pieces and website designs. 

It is a mural of everything related to artistry for the world to experience and to interpret its meaning in their own way.

PNX Works aims to market startup companies through promotional branding, showcase talent in graphic and web design, and feature unknown artists and affiliations.

How Can PNX Works Serve You?

Graphic Design

Original graphic design pieces from over the years, ranging from albums covers, to business paraphernalia, to personal items, to promotional material, and more.

Featured Artists

Talented individuals who may not be known by all, but are making a name for themselves through their skills and years of experience.

WordPress Web Design

Website designs created using the WordPress engine, showcased through GoDaddy web hosting, maintenance, social media promotions, and more.


Small businesses and personal associations that are spreading their impact throughout the world, through referrals, networking, and exposure.

The Works

Graphics Works

My collection of personal graphic designs and images from my portfolio. View More.

Back Cover – $100
Album’s back cover, which can include text upon request.

Front Cover – $100
Album’s front cover, which can include text upon request.

Interior Content – $250
Album’s interior content, including images, text, signatures, and more through multiple pages.

Signatures – $50
Personalized signatures used to replace handwritten signatures. Color and design style honored upon request.

Apparel – $150
Specifically-sized design logos for various articles of clothing.

Business Cards – $100
Custom-designed business cards for distributing to others.

Logos – $75
Branding logos for promoting various business outlets.

Marketing – $250
Specifically-sized design logos for miscellaneous items, such as pens, coffee mugs, and notepads.

Cards – $75
Card designs for various events, such as holidays, postcards, and fake trading cards.

Invitations – $100
Designs for various event invitations, such as graduations, weddings, birthdays, and more.

Labels – $50
Design labels and stickers used for branding or personal usage.

Wallpapers – $200
Personalized wallpapers for desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Device size and resolution required upon request.

Banners – $300
Banners that come in various sizes. Minimum 2 ft x 3 ft. Maximum 4 ft x 10 ft.

Flyers – $150
Flyers that come in various sizes. Minimum 5.5 in x 8.5 in. Maximum 11 in x 17 in.

Invitations – $50
Invitations that come in various sizes. Single, bi-fold, and tri-fold available upon request.

Posters – $250
Posters that come in various sizes. Minimum 8.5 in x 11 in. Maximum 24 in x 36 in.

Website Works

Various WordPress website designs created and edited by PNX Works. View More.

Full Website Initialization – $750
The customer domain will be hosted under my GoDaddy account, the WordPress package will be installed, files will be hosted under GoDaddy, and a theme will be selected.
Website Redesign – $300
Front-end redesigning of an already-installed WordPress website, with themes, color scheme, context, images, plugins, and social media integration.

Media Gallery Optimization – $250
Cleaning and maintaining the images and files uploaded to the Media Gallery to avoid clutter and page caching.

Plugin Functionality – $200
Continual checks of the plugins to verify that they are still functioning normally alongside any changes.

E-commerce Sales Support – $200
Take payments through your WordPress website using plugin tools such as Stripe and PayPal.

SEO Optimization – $200
Search engine optimization to increase Google searches and more using adwords, tags, meta descriptions, and more.

Social Media Presence – $200
Increase your social media presence with media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

The Unknowns

Featured Artists

Unknown talents that will, in due time, show the world. There is much that you can gain from these Featured Artists.

These individuals have spent years honing their craft and they have their own networks through showcasing their art via contact links and recommendations. View more.


Small businesses that are unknown to the mass majority, but will spread the impact of their works throughout the world soon.

Some of the resources that you can gain from these Affiliations are business referrals, networking growth, and online exposure. View more.


Theodore W.

Darius made me a poster of my favorite teams for my desktop background. Thank you!

Ramiil D.

I reach out to Darius whenever one of my artists needs an album cover and he always comes through.

Adam K.

Short, sweet, and to the point with his designs. He really knows how to come through!

Briana H.

I reached out to Darius for modeling and led me to one of his photographers. Thanks!

David B.

Excellent service from this guy! Never fails to deliver beyond expectations.

Allie M.

Darius will work with you and he manages to get every little detail just right!

Design Contracts

Below are the contracts for graphic and web designs. Package deals are available upon request and anything not listed can be an option for service. Prices are discussed with the artist by email or phone.


Phone: 704-756-4933 | Email: pnxworks@gmail.com

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Get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you!