Featured Artists

Unknown talents that will, in due time, show the world. There is much that you can gain from these Featured Artists. This includes art showcasing, contact links, and recommendations.

Meet some of the Featured Artists of PNX Works and the skills that they offer:

Keyanna Wiggins

Photography, Event Producing, Agent Booking, Graphic Design

Facebook: Keyanna Wiggins | Twitter: @keyannaofdcp | Instagram: @keyannaofdcp

Milla Self Image - Featured Artists

Milla Georgieva

Modeling, Photography

Facebook: Mewahh Photography | Instagram: Mewahh Photography | Website: mewahh.com

Michelle Robinson

Design Apparel, Photography, Graphic Design, Film

Facebook: M. Robinson Photography and Film | Instagram: @mrobisonphotograhpy | Twitter: @yourshooter_ | Website: mrobinsonphotography.com

Obray Cowan

CG Art, Animation, Tattoo Art, Body Piercings

Facebook: Obray Cowan | Instagram: @artbyo


Hip Hop, R&B, Music Producing

Facebook: VXV | Instagram: @vxvkeaux | Twitter: @VXVKEAUX | SoundCloud: vxvkeaux | Website: vxvmusic.com