KOYOBI – Video Game and Event Affiliate

Facebook: KOYOBI, LLC | Twitter: @KOYOBI16 | Twitch: koyobi | Instagram:  @koyobi_llc | YouTube: KOYOBI | Email: koyobi@yahoo.com

Specializes in:  Video games, Event Hosting, Tournaments,  Anime

The company is a North Carolina-based organization that personifies the unification and growth of both the Anime and Gaming communities in Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Gastonia, and more. The company provides information for both industries in hosting various events and fun, exciting tournaments for gaming and anime enthusiasts all around.


Angela D. Peters

  • Position: CEO
  • Phone: 704-912-7106

Kenny Adams

  • Position: Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketing
  • Phone: 704-960-2359

Nelson Tang

  • Position: Technology Engineer and Communications
  • Phone: 980-225-4713

Sterling Duncan

  • Position: Quality Control, Marketing, and Lead T.O.
  • Phone: 704-912-7108

Taj Lott

  • Position: Sales and Vendor Relations
  • Phone: 704-574-6517

Yoel Kidd

  • Position: Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketing
  • Phone: 704-615-9923